One Last Spin: thanks and credits

On a personal note, I am extremely grateful to everyone who participated in the making of this film. It took over two years to make because of the pandemic and if it wasn’t for the patience and perseverance of those involved, this film would have never gotten made. I also want to thank the cast and crew for giving their time and talents to this, it was a joy to work with each of you! But the biggest acknowledgement and appreciation goes to the brave participants who provided their stories for this film, we all thank you

Ross Donald, Director


Directed by: Ross Donald

Produced by: Sophie Chater, Anna Frances & Claudia Docherty

Executive Producers: Martin Paterson & Adrian Bailey

Directors of Photography: Leon Brehony & Jamie Brown

Contributors: Martin Paterson, Kelly Field, John Myers: Tony Franklin, Gerda Reith, Ronnie Cowan & William Griffiths

Starring: Brian Robson, Deborah Anderson, Sean Tizzard, Joanna Littlefield & Dean Alexander

First Camera: Delilah Rose Niel, Fiann Macleod & Luca Michelli

Second Camera: Spike Wright & Matt Gibb

Sound: David McKeitch

Gaffer: Klaudia Bourbely, Niamh Gilhooly & Leonidas Eleftheriadis

Art Director: Jenna Callaghan

Wardrobe: Hannah Danson

Hair and Make Up: Steph Brewster, Brandon Allan, Charlie McGuire

Runner: Jamie Mackinlay

Editor: Ross Donald

Colourist: Beth Woodruff

Sound Design and Mix: David Mckeitch

Composer: Owen Devlin

Graphic Designer: Dalila D’Amico

Serviced By: Media Dog Camera Hire, Progressive Broadcast Hire & Hireacamera

Support From: Alliance, Scotland Reducing Gambling Harm, GamLearn, Gamban, EPIC Risk Management, NHS Scotland

Production Company: Reverie Films

In Association With: The Machine Zone

An unflinching look at gambling addiction through the eyes of recovering addicts. One Last Spin explores the environments that condition people to gamble and the devastating effects it has on their lives and communities.

If you’d like to preview this powerful half hour film with a view to using it in your own work, organisation or community please drop us a line at


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