One Last Spin: the lyrics

Very pleased to provide the lyrics of Amanda’s beautiful song If you haven’t heard it yet do give it a listen and share. The song is a wonderful accompaniment to the film. Many of us have, to varying degrees, hearing difficulties (and probably all of us have from time to time misheard a word or phrase from a song!) Very soon the film itself will be available as a subtitled version.

The image above is from an insert card which will go inside the hard copies of a cd version. We aren’t making many of these but will give some away – for instance to those who took part in the film – and sending some copies to reviewers. From this week we are beginning to send the song digitally to the hundreds of radio stations in Scotland. Perhaps it will serve to spark discussion, for instance through phone-ins, and help raise awareness.

The film is doing well in festivals and already picking up awards (one of them for the music). If you’d like to preview the film with a view to using it in your work or for a general community event please do drop us a line at


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