Our film has been made to raise awareness of an important issue. Something that people may not have thought about too much but which they may come to see as a serious topic.

We are certainly not ‘anti-gambling’ but believe that there are places where adjustments to the current gambling landscape may reduce harms.

We’re particularly keen to challenge stigma attached to people who have run into gambling damages. Firstly, we want people to know that it’s not been all their fault and that they are far from alone in facing the harms and, frequently, despair which they encounter. The film may help some folk to take the important step of seeking support.

There is a need for greater awareness of the issue in the helping professions and in political policy making. Then there is a need for developing support options.

Parents, and indeed all family relations, could be helped to be aware of potential dangers of gambling. Friends, workmates too. In other words, anybody who lives among others.

The mass media have largely been very sympathetic to the issue and themselves have done a valuable job of raising awareness. We’re only hoping to add a little to the broad current of awareness-raising. Hopefully, whether in community events or online events, the film will make possible human-scale conversations.

The film is relevant to professional training and development in such areas as health, social care, education and the justice system. (In relation to education, please be aware that the film touches on intense trauma including suicide).

In essence the film is designed to raise awareness and hopefully start conversations. It aims to reduce stigma and calls for attention by policy makers and providers of public services.