If you are struggling with gambling pains, it may be that you feel very isolated, blaming yourself, ashamed. Please know that you are far from unique in your suffering. Know too that you’re not a bad person but you’re experiencing a recognised mental health disorder. There are many ways to find support. It’s hard to seek help but this is by far the most important first thing to do. The relief will immediately be great.

You may be someone who is negatively affected by somebody else’s gambling. It’s estimated that for each person suffering directly from their gambling between six and ten others around them suffer significant harm. There is support for you available too.

If you have somebody close to you who may be aware of your pain, please do consider sharing. Not easy but extremely powerful. To have a partner, a family member, a good friend walk with you is great.

We’re all very different people and experience pain in different ways. The pains may include things related to money or work. They very often include feelings of shame, guilt, depression, intense anxiety. Some people may turn to alcohol or other hard drugs to numb the pain. Some are lucky to have understanding and supportive families. Many are not so lucky. Whatever your situation you are not alone even though you may feel very alone.

On our sister site Gambling Watch Scotland we have some sources of support for you and some tips on things you can consider doing yourself. Click on the image.