Our film One Last Spin is about harms caused by gambling. It started with an idea from Martin whose life had been devastated by gambling. He chose the title after reading a poem by a recovering gambling addict who published it here.

A while before the film a couple of us set up a community interest company, The Machine Zone. This was essentially so we would be eligible for funding opportunities. We were very involved in a campaign to reduce the maximum stake of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in book makers from £100 to £2.

Over five years we’ve seen a big growth in attention to the harms that gambling can do. Many see it as a major public health issue.

So now we have put all our energies towards the film. We want to contribute to the raising of awareness. We anticipate the film will be screened at community venues and through online events.

Get in touch if you’d like to see the film. Drop us a line at info@gamblingwatchscotland.org.uk

Check out this post for some suggestions of how you could use the film.

The film includes interviews with four people harmed by gambling, and three people working to reduce harms: an academic with a long-established reputation globally for research into gambling; an MP who is actively involved with reducing gambling harms; and the first manager of Scotland Reducing Gambling Harms. The film is interwoven with drama sequences complementing the stories of those harmed by gambling.

We have been very lucky to secure funding, encouragement, and support. A very special thank you to the film’s director, Ross Donald from Reverie Films. He has given his time and expertise for no financial reward. Through difficulties arising from the pandemic, he has steered the production with dedication and professionalism of a high order.

Director Ross Donald with Martin Paterson

Our plans for getting the film on the road in 2022 have been delayed a little by the pandemic. However, we hope that it will soon become safe to screen the film at community venues. We hope that events will be designed and informed by the needs and interests of each community, and look forward to working with you if you’d like to watch the film. Drop us a line at info@gamblingwatchscotland.org.uk .

The film will also be at the centre of some online events coming soon. It is also being entered into film festivals where it’s already picked up several awards. . Towards the end of 2022 we aim to embed the film in a professionally designed website which will also serve to raise awareness and conversations with supplementary materials.

Martin Paterson
Kelly Field

John Myers
Tony Franklin
Ronnie Cowan MP Inverclyde, Vice-Chair All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Harms
Professor Gerda Reith, Glasgow University Gambling Research Group
Will Griffiths, the first leader of Scotland Reducing Gambling Harm