The Film is Here!

Director Ross Donald (left) and Martin Paterson

Three years ago Martin met Ross with an idea. Through tremendous obstacles arising from the pandemic, the film finally premiered at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts on 19 February. We’ll give an account of the making of the film soon but suffice it here to say that the two guys here have been the power behind the involvement of so many others who’ve worked on the film to get it just right.

We want as many people as possible to see the film. We already have some screenings planned, and there’ll be an online event to share the film and have discussions.

If you’d like to consider using the film get in touch and we’ll send you a link to preview it.

Some Ideas for Screening the Film

These are simply suggestions. Feel free to pick and mix and add your own ideas! It is our wish that the design of each event involves the local organisers. You know best how to use the film. The film is best seen as part of an event. The event may fit in with work you are already doing, for instance in relation to recovery from addiction. Since gambling harms affect all communities, raising awareness generally may be of interest to community groups.

An online event. For larger organisations with wide membership reach across country, region or city. These could be linked to ongoing initiatives around gambling harms.

A small community organisation operating in a defined geographical area. Raising awareness within the general community. A mental health organisation. A substance harms recovery organisation.


Larger ‘hub’ events such as an event for a wider geographical region within which transport enables attendance. Particularly in remote rural regions. Larger events may also include panels of significant speakers; for instance, in some events we already have planned we intend to have people from the film on panels.

National, regional and local governmental organised events. For instance, council, MSP or MP sponsored. We are also aiming for an event at Holyrood or Westminster.

Sector training/awareness raising. For example education, medicine, mental health nursing, social work. Initial training and professional development.

We shall be able to deliver an event ourselves in conjunction with hosts. Where we can, we can fund these in part or whole. A typical event would see a short introduction with a panel or between two and four people, the film, and audience interaction. Some print materials from ourselves would be available. Event running time about 90 minutes.

Organisations’ members watching privately. Some organisations have asked us if we could make the film available for their members to view in their own time. This is possible. Please note, though, that access to the film would be via a password. Again, in this case it will be possible for organisations to supplement the film with materials and links.

Arts festivals and events.

While we’d be happy to attend events in person where possible, and we’ll always be ready to chat about your event, it will be possible for us to let you see the film prior to organising an event. Then, if you think you can use it, and can fully design the event yourself, we can provide the film either via online streaming or as a memory device (flash drive, DVD e.g.)




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