Wee Delay – but Almost There!

There’s a passing joke from Billy Connolly about Partick in Glasgow. It’s his old stomping ground and it has a football team, Partick Thistle. “Partick Thistle” is the shortened name, he said. Its full name is “Partick Thistle Nil”. Boom boom.

Hopefully with the same spirit of levity we have become a bit used to seeing One Last Spin as the shortened version of One Last Spin Delayed Again. But this is the last time! Read on.

Get Ready!

We had aimed to have the premiere in December. With a bit of luck it will be this month, January. The Director, Ross, has finished editing it. It’s now having some final touches from others – the colourist, the sound designer, the music composer, a graphic artist for the opening and closing credits.

We – Martin and Adrian – were offered the chance to see the final edit but we’re both minded to wait until it’s completed totally and we get to join others in a cinema at the premiere.

Community and Online Screenings

Our strongest wish is that the film will be screened in local communities at events designed by people there who know their audiences. Some of these events may fit with the work of mental health groups or recovery groups that have traditionally focused upon substance harms. But since awareness about gambling harms is something every community benefits from, we continue to invite all who’d like to host a screening (and there are some ideas about screening events here).

As Covid uncertainties continue we are holding back for a while from finalising any community events. The projected future is optimistic regarding the pandemic and we’re really looking forward to going on the road very soon.

In the hopefully brief interim we have advanced plans for online screening and discussion events. We’ll detail these in the coming weeks.

Join Us!

As ever, we would be delighted to hear from and work with any organisation in Scotland or beyond that is interested in a live community event in 2022. Drop us a line at info@gamblingwatchscotland.org.uk


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