Filming Completed!

What a couple of years!

A few weeks before the pandemic hit we sat down to plan our film. We hoped it would be finished and out there in the summer of 2020. Only through the incredible dedication and commitment of Director Ross Donald and his crews, and the wonderful support of funders have we reached the end of filming on 5 December 2021.

And let’s give a big shout to Martin Paterson (second right) whose idea it all was, who not only contributed his own savings but added months of unpaid hard work and the fuel of enthusiasm. When we hear about things like ‘community activism’, this must shine out as an outstanding example.

Fittingly, the last drama sequence features Martin’s own story. The scene was shot in the same location where Professor Gerda Reith and the Alliance’s Will Griffiths (the driver of the Scotland Reducing Gambling Harm initiative) made their contributions. It feels like ages ago! It was Summer last year too when MP Ronnie Cowan made his contribution. Kelly Field and John Myers travelled up from Merseyside to tell their stories along with Tony Franklin from Buckinghamshire.

While each of the four personal stories about gambling harms were completed last year, the drama sequences to accompany them were finished yesterday, 5 December. Now it’s another short wait for the post-production magic to be completed. Editing, titles, colouring, music, sound mixing and so on. Later this month we’ll have a trailer. Then, a month later than we’d aimed for, the film’s premiere in January along with screenings at community events in Greater Glasgow. We’re also anticipating that the film will be screened at Westminster in January to coincide with an event about gambling harms organised by Ronnie Cowan MP.

Martin’s also looking to set up as a record producer! (We hope to bring you news of a recording soon). The champagne cork above popped from a bottle brought by Director Ross yesterday to celebrate the end of filming. He said, “It was a great day. I’m sad to see the filming days end but happy to seeing it finished now. Looking forward to putting it all together and getting it out there.”


We’ll be in touch very soon with the Glasgow organisations who have expressed an interest in staging and event around the film. Wherever you are, if you’d like to consider screening the film get in touch at . We think everybody is affected by gambling harms in their community so – everyone, please get in touch! The film will be of special interest to organisations that focus on mental health, including addiction (which traditionally has tended to focus only upon alcohol and other drugs).

We also think the film will be valuable for training and professional development in health, education, justice, finance, social care, and other areas. Check out our earlier post on some ideas about how you could use the film. We’re particularly keen to work with people to design events which fit well with organisations’ general aims, values and memberships.

Thank you!

One Last Spin is a major production. It will add to the great work in Scotland and elsewhere to raise awareness about gambling harms. It has been a wonderful learning experience for us during which we have enjoyed so much support and brilliant partnership working. In 2022 we look forward to working across Scotland and beyond with the .many vibrant networks of community activists and others. It began with the idea of one person, then John, Kelly and Tony gave us their time to lay down the foundation. Director Ross has given an amazing amount of time and expertise all for free. We’ve received financial contributions from Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS, the Scottish Alliance for Health and Social Care, and several organisations whose work we’ll be detailing in full. We greatly look forward to meeting people in their communities, sharing, and joining the combined energies of statutory, third sector and grassroots movements that work to make things better.


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