Film Night

The last part of the film to be shot is Martin’s story. The crew gathered by night on 14 November, deep in the woods, powered by generators, to make what will be a very powerful scene.

All directed, of course, by Ross Donald. As an early Christmas present, Martin bought him a chair!

By the way, on the chair is a vinyl LP complete with a ‘One Last Spin’ label. We hope to bring you news soon of a song being created to go along with our film.

The crew were fed and watered sufficiently to endure the harsh climate of Coatbridge. Just as well because they didn’t finish work until half an hour past midnight.

This drama sequence is indeed dark. It represents the part of Martin’s story when he considered taking his life.

From dark times people recover. Here’s a dazzling smile to testify to that. Martin with the actor who plays him, Brian Robson.


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