Big Thanks to the Alliance!

We are so grateful to Scotland Reducing Gambling Harm at The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland for organising today’s online event which screened the film.

In particular, big thanks to Georgina and Hannah who not only arranged the event but who have administered so well the Alliance’s ongoing support of the film.

Martin, who appears in the film and is Executive Producer, and Ross, the film’s director, said at the event that without the Alliance’s support the film we would never have been made.

Will Griffiths was the first lead on the Scotland Reducing Gambling Harms programme, and although he’s moved to pastures new we’ll never forget the big contribution he also made (which includes appearing in the film).

Today’s event was very well attended by folk from a variety of backgrounds, and their feedback has been very positive. We thank everyone for their comments and suggestions of how the film can reach more people. We’ll post some comments in the next post. Here’s just one:

Highly recommend anyone and everyone watches the @onelastspinfilm film. It’s not an easy watch but I believe it is a hugely necessary one, not just for those affected by gambling harm but also those who think they aren’t or won’t be. Incredibly powerful.

– Col Bland

Thank you all!

If you missed today’s event or you’d like to see the film again do get in touch! You may want to share with colleagues, consider how you could use it in your own work, maybe work with us to design community screenings and conversations. There are some suggestions about how the film could be used and our contact details HERE.

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