Training and Development: Gambling Harms

Most sectors that address people’s wellbeing need to be more aware that gambling can be a significant cause of harm for many thousands of people.

The documentary One Last Spin includes the voices of people harmed by gambling, and contributions from an academic, an MP and the previous manager of Scotland Reducing Gambling Harm

Severe harms from gambling may result in addiction, one often called ‘the hidden addiction’ both because it is not easy to spot but also because generally, many support services are not fully aware of its prevalence and impact.

The film will be screened in a variety of settings for different audiences such as this one, but in this post we offer the use of the film for awareness raising and as a resource in training and development for the different sectors of social service provision and other work including:

  • Health and Social Care
  • Justice system (including prisons, courts, police)
  • Education
  • Media staff
  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Mental health and addiction services (where these are taken as outside general health and social care)
  • Social work
  • Finance and debt support
  • Child and young adult welfare
  • Sport
  • Specific industries (such as music where risks are high)
  • Local and national politics
  • Local geographically based community groups
  • Religious affiliations
  • Disadvantaged communities (where risks are much higher)
  • Organisations working with specific group identities such as refugees

The list above is indicative and we are precisely aware of the dangers of ‘naming’ a group as a sector or community or an identity as a monolithic ‘block’. Work in different sectors includes work across other sectors.

Using the Film

The film is free of charge and can be used for any specified event or session. In the first instance, interested parties may like to preview the film by requesting a link to it via

Thereafter, organisations may wish to use it as a resource in their delivery of awareness raising, training and development.

If required and where possible we may be able to provide a participant from the film to accompany screenings.

Have a look around this website to learn more about the film.

Please Share!

The film has received very positive feedback and we believe its strong impact serves well to raise the human dimension of gambling harm and the wider contexts of gambling in society.

We want as many people as possible to see the film, and would be grateful if you could share this post with colleagues and through your networks.


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