A Great Online Screening with GamLEARN

We had a great online screening event with GamLEARN members in July. A great pleasure to meet such a friendly a vibrant group centred upon sharing and supporting lived experience.

The evening began with an introduction by GamLEARN’s Col Bland, and then the film was introduced by participant and Executive Producer Martin Paterson, followed by the film’s Director, Ross Donald. You can see Martin’s and Ross’s introductions here.

The screening was spoilt a bit by technical glitches but shone through these to meet with great audience responses. (And we think – and certainly hope- that the problems won’t occur again!)

Here are some comments from the audience in discussion after the meeting:

  • Thank you to all involved in producing this very impactive film. Having gambled since 9 years old in the 80’s on fruit machines in arcades, through the 90’s and 00’s with FOBT and then still gambled during the online era, something like this would certainly have been of use during these periods and I can’t say it would have stopped me as nobody can know that but I’m positive it will impact others enough to seek out support and save lives.
  • I found it helpful hearing stories from affected others . A very powerful film.
  • The film presents some really important messages. The different individual slots piece together really well and communicate a difficult and complex issue well.
  • It is a brilliant film..full of tremendously clear and moving insights.
  • I’m a Mental Health Advocate within the Civil Service and will try to push this film there too. Initially for other advocates but with a hope for wider use.
  • Thanks so much to all involved in making this powerful film.

Our Thanks

We are very grateful to GamLEARN for arranging this screening. It’s the sort of event we’d love to repeat and repeat with other groups and organisations.

Ross (left) and Martin

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