Scottish Gambling Education Network Conference

Left to right: Steve Watts, Founder of GamFam; Tony Kelly, Founder of Red Card; Martin Paterson, Director of The Machine Zone and Executive Producer of One Last Spin; Ronnie Cowan MP Inverclyde and Vice-Chair All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Harms


We enjoyed a great day at the National Storytelling Centre where we were given the opportunity to screen and discuss One Last Spin.

The event was our first ‘live’ one with SGEN. (Check out their new website).

We met so many people doing amazing things, all different but all sharing in a passion to reduce gambling harms. Wonderful to meet folk we’d only known from flat screens, and to meet many new people.

For Adrian, an ardent Liverpool FC fan, there was closure, acceptance and forgiveness in meeting Tony, an ex-pro footballer who once scored a goal at Anfield while playing for Burnley!

Check out the amazing work Steve and his team are doing at GamFam, and Tony at Red Card. Ronnie is unceasing in his work towards clamping down on industry practices and poor regulation which he highlighted powerfully in his keynote address. Martin continues as ever with his energetic focus on reducing gambling harms.


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