In the Can! Tony’s Story

Packed day of filming the drama sequences for Tony Franklin’s interview.

Wonderful to witness the kindness, enthusiasm and hard work of everyone.

Many thanks to the great staff at the Laurieston Bar and the lovely neighbour who let their house be used as a location.

Top notch actors, incredible crew and the great director, Ross Donald. Very special thanks to the producers and those who work hard for months ahead to get everything ready for shooting.

A special guest was Tony Franklin himself. In true Hitchcock fashion he appears in the film as himself playing a customer in the bar. Here he is (back to camera) sharing a joke with Sean Trizzel, the sctor who plays him:

And here’s a picture of Tony, Sean and the man who started he whole thing, Martin.

The second scene is where Tony’s wife leaves him, taking their son with her. Watching it being shot, the real Tony said it hit him hard.

Last image is of the great young actor Adam who plays Tony’s son.


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