At Last! Filming Again and the END in Sight

Professor Gerda Reith, University of Glasgow

All interviews were completed a long while ago. Now shooting of drama sequences which will be edited into the interviews are starting in mid-July. Best say 2021 as we never know what’s around the corner!

The drama sequences will resonate with the stories told by John, Kelly, Martin and Tony.

The film should be completed late summer (2021!) and will be distributed online, via film festivals, and – very importantly – at community events.

Some more screenshots from the interviews below:

John whose son took his own life because of gambling
Kelly whose gambling drove her to despair. And her strong message of hope.
Tony – one of the UK’s most prominent campaigners – on 40 years of harms
Martin, founder of The Machine Zone, on despair and overcoming the damage
Ronnie Cowan MP Inverclyde, Vice-Chair All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Harms

Our final picture above shows Will Griffiths, Project Manager of Scotland Reducing Gambling Harms at the Alliance for Health and Social Care Scotland. He is moving to the Scottish Governmet as a Policy Officer in July (2021). He has been an inspiration and a joy to work with. He has set up a big network of lived experience folk harmed by gambling, and networked across sectors to help raise awareness and reduce harms. Without him and his support our film may not have been completed, and the momentum we now enjoy in Scotland towards a public health approach to gambling would be much less. We wish Will all the best in his new job and greatly look forward to inviting him to the premier screening of the film.


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