Shooting again!

Professor Gerda Reith from Glasgow University being interviewed

Covid woe-vid! We’ve been slowed down like so many. But we are delighted that our final two interviewees, Will Griffiths and Gerda Reith gave up their time to become involved.

William Griffiths from the Scottish Health and Social Care Alliance

Will is leading a three years project to gather the voices of people in Scotland who have suffered gambling harms. This is already gathering great momentum as more and more individuals, organisations and policy influencers and makers become involved.

Professor Reith has a long and distinguished record of researching gambling. She’s a member of the Glasgow University Gambling Research Group. Gerda is especially interested in people’s experiences and her focus is upon the quality of these rather than data-driven quantitative methods of research.

Machine Zone Director Martin Paterson with Professor Gerda Reith

The interviews have now been completed and are being edited. Many thanks to the voices of experience – Kelly Field, John Myers, Tony Franklin and Martin, and to Ronnie Cowan MP, Will and Gerda.

Phase 2 of production will see us devising and producing short drama sequences which will aim to represent some aspects of gambling harms at a very human level.