How to Watch and Use ‘One Last Spin’

Everybody can view the film and use it in an event

If you’d like to see the documentary and possibly go on to use it in an online or ‘live’ event just drop us a line at We’ll get back to you with a link to the film. It’s free but the only thing we ask is:

Please restrict watching the film to a specific event or private viewing. Although at a later time we’ll be making a website to host the film which will be available to search engines, for the present we want the film to have a more limited availability.

The reason for this is that the film is currently entered into film festivals by Reverie Films who made it, and a requirement of these festivals is that it it isn’t on ‘general release’. Restricted viewing is fine and we’d kove to see as many people watching as possible. Some ideas for using the film are here.

By the way, there’s an interview with Ross Donald who directed the film here. The festivals will be just one way of spreading the film and raising awareness about gambling harms. In the interview, Ross is asked about the single record One Last Spin by Amanda Lehmann. Although this was released after the film’s completion it beautifully complements the film. We’ve added a post about its latest impacts here.


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